Ancestral Cartography

Radical Cartography is a pretty cool website. In fact, it’s not just cool; it’s geo-cool. It contains lots of well crafted digital maps of various places. I was originally drawn to the site for its illustrations of New York City, but one of the maps I found most interesting was the family map:

Family Cartography

This map shows the migration of three family lines as they move from place to place each generation. What is cool about this map is how the cities of importance change as time progresses. Early on, most of the families located in the eastern United States. Overtime however, their offspring would slowly fulfill their Manifest Destiny to arrive at the newer regions of the country (western states).

Genealogy has always been a side-interest of mine. My family ancestry is largely from Europe with a small portion of Native American. The Welsh families generally settled in Pennsylvania before migrating west toward Iowa and Wisconsin. My Scottish, French, and Spanish ancestors settled in areas that would later become the southern states. My German ancestry settled in the Mid West. I’m always amused when I talk to a friend about his or her ancestry only to discover that our ancestral migration patterns are very similar. Perhaps it is a small world after-all.

32.3° N by 90.8° W

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